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Retail Shop Design & Fitout Solutions

Solutions orientated with brand and business encompassing design and fitouts

Project Interiors WA is extremely aware that the current shopfitting projects need to be brand and business comprehensive. We are a team of seasoned and skilled professionals who have helped hundreds of retailers bustle and flourish by reestablishing the interior design of their shops. It’s our goal to create exceptional in-store experiences for your customers by taking your retail space or shop fitout to the next level with extraordinary design and superior industry fitouts. 

Exceptional and unrivaled workmanship

What makes us the go-to fitout company in WA? Our team. From our craftspeople, builders and designers, everyone has a paramount understanding of the skills needed in the retail shop fitout industry. It’s one of our concerns that everyone on our team is not only adept and highly skilled in their field but also that they display the right attitude towards work. Project Interiors WA is an accomplished shopfitter company that continues to deliver exceptional and seamless collaboration with our team members and clients. 

State-of-the-art retail solutions that will not break the bank

We listen carefully to the goals you want to accomplish to deliver the fitout design that’s aesthetically pleasing, visually stunning, and highly functional that suits your needs without costing you a fortune. Project Interiors WA acknowledges that cost is frequently a critical aspect regarding shop fitouts, and that’s why we consider your budget at all times.

Our goal is to deliver stellar service at all times while you get the fulfillment of your creative vision for your shop’s exterior and interior design. It’s one of our endeavors to deliver cost-effective fitouts that provide great value without trading off the caliber of the service or outcome of our work. 

Contemporary shop fitouts and multifaceted retail design

No business is unchanging, so we are always aiming to develop a future-proof interior specially tailored to facilitate future expansion or remodeling with next to no interference to your businesses. Aside from the multiple varieties of fitouts we have handled, Project Interiors WA can work with properties of different proportions. There is hardly any limit to what we can do, from working with huge and sizable fitouts that allow bigger establishments to conduct their work efficiently to collaborating with businesses with very limited and confined areas.

Why choose Project Interiors WA?

Our relationship with you

We endeavor to provide the best experience without compromise. 

In addition to that, we take on every project intending to impress our clients. We worked with hundreds of clients over the years, and many of them choose to continue their business with us whenever minor or extensive renovations are needed for their shops. With our team of experts already familiar with their retail space and interior design, they can deliver all the improvements and renovations fast and efficiently. 

Reliable and efficient fitout solutions

We understand that shopfitting is not just about the practicalities of lighting, checkouts, and window display. It’s more about the customer experience that you want to deliver.

Our services involve drafting designs, supply and production, and building. Project Interiors WA’s industry-leading strategy empowers our teams to deliver a coherent and impeccable experience for our clients while keeping up with budget and schedule. We ensure that your experience with us is seamless with our excellent craftsmanship and meticulous and cost-efficient shop fitouts and interior designs.

Ready to work together?

Looking for a fitout partner to build the retail interior you’re dreaming of, or maybe you’re finally ready to revamp your existing space? Let’s exchange ideas!